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The City of New York II

Manhattan Island

Hudson's trip overall was a failure, but based on the information he provided a new company initiated trading for furs in the region.  Hendrick Christiaensen began a rude settlement at the site of 29 Broadway.  He also constructed Fort Nassau, before being killed by an Indian.  The report that the English made a claim on the region at that time appears to be fictitious, but provides a nice justification for the name "New England."  My source has a sketch of an old Dutch cottage in New York, 1679.  I lived in the Province of Ontario in early grammar school, and remember taking a hike in Iroquois and Algonquin territory in the summer between first and second grade.  "Manna-hata" may be an exclamation meaning "noble and beautiful."  The women originally native to Long Island are described as being beautiful and chaste, and women had full share in tribal government prior to the arrival of Europeans.  The tribes in the area were responsibl…

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The City of New York